Dry Roasted! Slow Cured! Delicious!

At AlmondCrafters - every one of our hand made almonds is perfectly seasoned - and we never fry. We dry roast - then slowly flavor cure in small batches - to ensure each almond is the same as the last. Enjoy!  

Get Almonds!

It's a family affair.

Where a daughter's love for almonds met a dad's love for cooking! AlmondCrafters!

  • Fundraising!

    Is your organization, school or club looking for a tasty way to fund raise? Let AlmondCrafters help get the $$$$$ flowing for your cause!

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  • Side Hustler? Influencer?

    Are you a marketing wiz or a foodie influencer looking for an obsessive snack to market or promote? Then you've come to the right place!

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  • Wholesaler or Broker?

    Expand your portfolio with our gourmet almonds. Perfect for wine and cheese shops, natural foods and gourmet markets and online sellers.

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  • Custom Branding!

    Whether its a custom branded savory snack or packaged gifts for your best clients. Let AlmondCrafters help expand your brand or say "Thank You!"

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